Spiraled Spirituality of SMSM – Mary, the focal point:
 Whoever, follows the 4C’s can foresee, foretaste the richness of the heaven and bring forth to the world the maternal love of God and His mother and leave a deep mark of our meaningful existence.  
As missionaries called to follow the Master Missionary Jesus we are called to cultivate in us all the virtues which were present in Jesus. Mary as the first disciple of Jesus, in spite of her motherhood adopted Jesus’ way of life in following her son. We take special concern in developing the following virtues as they are flowing from the spirituality that flows from our Charism.


Contemplation implies growing in the consciousness of the presence of God.


When we grow in this virtue of compassion we will become flexible and warm hearted. The rigid cold hearts cannot be effective evangelizing hearts. Only compassionately moving and flexible hearts can maintain the warmth of God’s love and share this love to others through effective missionary evangelization.


Today’s world and humanity struggle in the realm of commitment! Human persons are moved to search for the ways and means for maximum enjoyment with minimum commitment! The families as the nuclear cells of society are the most affected and most influenced with this sickly attitude. The family members who are supposed to commit for each others’ fulfillment are not ready and willing for such commitment. Mary our model was a great pilgrim of faith, hope and love. This virtue of commitment was an embodiment of all the three eternal virtues in Mary’s life. Let us cultivate this virtue of loyal commitment with simplicity and great perseverance


Missionaries need to expect adventures, heroic deeds including martyrdom in their lives! Mary manifested her heroic courage in so many circumstances of her life. When God called her to a unique mission of becoming the Virgin Mother of the Messiah she accepted with extraordinary courage. When Mary went to the temple to offer her son to God, she was warned by Simeon that a sword of sorrow should pierce her soul because of her Son. (LK 2:34-35) She did not tremble and hesitate, but heroically offered her son every day for the good of the humanity preparing herself for the ultimate offering of her son in Calvary.

Do you dare to expect and accept adventures like Mary on your Vocation Journey?
We also would be insulted, ill treated and sometimes killed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like Jesus , our MASTER

We SMSM invite you to bravely opt for HEROIC CALL OF JESUS?
Ready to face Challenge Call Sr. Hilda Mary - 08148444158 the vocation Co-coordinator
We, the SMSM, are called to grow in such a missionary and apostolic courage, that we may stand in solidarity with the people who are in the agony of unjust and inhuman struggles of life.

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