Our Principal Patroness

We are under the patronage of Our Lady Queen of the Missions. We have Novena from 13th - 22nd of August, asking her help to live our life to the full and the Charism of our Founder. These days special reflections are given by our Superior General which nourishes our soul and paves way for a good preparation to Co - Memorate and celebrate her patronage.

SMSM’s Faith, deposited in Mary, the Mother of God

Mary, the mother of Jesus is a person of deep faith in God’s Word. In the gospel of Luke she is portrayed as a young woman open to the plan of God.”Behold I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your Word” (Lk1:38) She listened to God’s Word through her profound contemplation on the events in which she involved to collaborate with God’s divine plan. Mary kept with concern all events interpreting them in her heart. (Lk2:19) Mary’s attention to God’s Word springs and flows from her inner life and vision on life. Since she accompanied Jesus the source of new life from the conception to the resurrection, she becomes the model of faith for us. Mary’s vision of life is expressed through her faith expression saying “I am the handmaid of the Lord”. By this faith expression she expresses her consent to God. Thus it becomes an expression of obedience to the call with great trust and faithfulness. We the Seva Missionary Sisters of Mary are called to listen to God who speaks in order to express his plan in the context of the life realities. This listening has to be exercised in great faith, docility, openness of heart, and child like confidence. We believe that without listening to God’s word we cannot understand the demands of life.

Mary, an excellent SEVA MISSIONARY! YOU and me?

Mary’s way of life flows naturally from her vision of life. As she becomes the mother of Jesus, she also becomes mother of believers. As the new Eve of new life she communicates life through charity. She becomes the missionary of charity in its real sense. She becomes the most excellent SEVA MISSIONARY! Her whole life is motivated and impelled by the great force of charity. She is readily acting without missing any opportunity of giving life to others through charity and service. Visiting the family of Elizabeth and Zechariah and accompanying them in the period of their most important needs for three months is a fine example of Mary’s approach to life. Participating in the struggle of the family that celebrates wedding at Cana is another proof of her commitment to the families. By bringing Jesus’ liberative action of changing the water into wine, she brings the good news into that family! Let us be reminded that this is how we, the Seva missionary sisters are called to become evangelizers to the families around where ever we are present.


St. Thomas the Apostle

St. Therese of Child Jesus

St. Francis Xavier

The great Missionaries, St. Therese of Child Jesus, St. Thomas the Apostle and St. Francis Xavier are our Second Patrons, who help us to live an integrated life and carry out the Missions with the same zeal and spirit of our Founder as they are our Founder’s inspiration to make “Christ known and loved wherever He is not known”. When our Founder travelled along North –Chennai he was pained as he could not see any cross or sign of Christianity. That made him to start erecting chapels and people began to experience and believe in Jesus and express their desire to be baptized

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