Nature and Mission of our Congregation

We, the Seva Missionary Sisters of Mary, form a community of the baptized. Submissive to the call of the Spirit, we are led to live for God alone as we join contemplation to apostolate, whereby we endeavour to be associated with the work of Redemption. Our Congregation was born to preach Christ to the poor and to spread the Kingdom of God.

Our Apostolic Consecration

We live as disciples of Jesus Christ by the Grace of the Father who consecrates us through the gift of His Spirit and sends us out to be His apostles.
Through our religious profession of the public vows of Chastity, poverty and obedience, we offer ourselves to God in order to follow Christ and work with Him in building up the Kingdom. Our apostolic mission, our fraternal community and the practice of evangelical counsels are the inseparable elements of our congregation, which we live in a single movement of love towards God and towards our brethren.

 Our mission sets the tenor of our whole life and specifies the task we have in the church.

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