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From the year 1974 onwards, a dispensary operated at Kattoor for which Rev. Sr. Mary Sebastine was responsible. She used to carry medicines with her wherever and whenever she went for family visits. Our sisters used to distribute medicines and Rev. Sr. Jeraldine of St. Anne of Madras assisted by giving injections. The people benefitted a great deal because some of them were attacked by T.B, Leprosy and other sicknesses and especially with sore lack of cleanliness. There was also a dispensary at Anuppampattu where sisters visited once a week, and people thronged to receive the benefits. The Sisters they kept visiting many surrounding villages, carrying with them multi vitamin tablets and other medicines; this was the only consolation for the people as there were no transport facilities. So, gradually we started to focus on the area where our Healing Service was very much essential and thus Manali New Town was chosen as the best spot needing our services.

Besides direct Evangelization and education, our Founder was very much interested and had much concern for the people of Manali New Town and the villages surrounding it because they have to cover a long distance to reach a good hospital. And so our Nursing home was built in 1994. Infant Jesus Nursing home is 25 Kilometers away from Chennai city in Manali New Town. Ten villages - Andarkuppam, Vellivayalchavadi, Edayanchavadi, Ezhil Nagar, Ganapathy Nagar, Vichur, Old Nappalayam, Sri Ram Nagar, Echanguzhi and New Nappalayam - surround it. It is between Madras Refinaries and Minjur. The people of these villages, most of them farmers, are very poor. Some work in the chambers and others work as coolies for the landlords. There are also seasonal workers. Some of them possess a small piece of land. In one of the villages, the people possess one or two buffaloes and they sell milk and curd and earn their livelihood. In one village, a few of them are working in the factories as coolies. The population is roughly 15, 000 in these villages. There were only mud roads in these villages. The People are deeply rooted in their Culture and Religion.

For a long time, the poor and suffering people of this locality were pestering us to equip the nursing home with an operation theatre and equipment so that they need not travel a long distance in panic and fear to save the lives of their dear ones. Our Nursing home is a real consolation for the regular patient because otherwise they would have to spend a huge amount of money for hiring a vehicle. We have built an operation theatre, with the help of some local benefactors and our Generalate. The pioneers who served from the beginning are our Co-foundress Rev. Sr. Mary Sebastian, Srs. Anice Simon, Juliet K.M, Pushpa Thomas, Lilly George, Shally T.P, Beena Simon and Sunitha. We remember them with grateful hearts for the commitment with which they served so well. We are waiting eagerly to receive our own Doctor, Sister Rev. Sr. Saral Amirtham, at the end of the year 2012, after she spends a year gathering experience and exposure in different departments like Pediatric, Maternity, Opthal and General Medicine.

Infant Jesus Nursing Home is run by name “Society of Seva Missionaries”. This Nursing home, which was a tiny seed, is growing in to a tree as now it has the convenience of 15 beds, a Laboratory, a Pharmacy and an Operation Theater. We work round the clock as the service is rendered for 24 hours a day. According to the dream of our Founder, this hospital has turned into the refuge for the poor and the marginalized.With the support of our General Rev. Sr. Alice Peter, Assistant General Rev. Sr. Maga Rani and the Coordinator Rev. Sr. Celine Kurian, the Sisters make a real difference in the llives of the disadvantaged. Srs. Reeta and Cyprian Rani joined hands with the authorities; they work day in and day out serving the sick and the suffering patiently and providing much care. In consultation with Dr. Benjamine and His Wife Dr. Mary Jeevamudha, this nursing home began to serve 24 hours on all days. This is the first time where we have brought the Resident Medical Officer who makes herself available for 24 hours. With the effort of the administrators and Srs. Reeta and Cyprian, three doctors, 5 nurses and two more sisters - Srs. Mary Nirmala and Esther Rani service for the poor is always readily available. An accountant, receptionist, lab technician (for 9 hrs) and 3 non-staff are also collaborating with us in our service to the poor.

The Doctor’s room (1), pharmacy, bathrooms (3) and a stair case are newly constructed. The existing rooms are partitioned into two Doctor’s room, a reception area and an administrator’s office. The old Doctor’s room was converted into emergency room.


  • 24 hours medical facilities
  • Round the clock emergency care
  • 24 hour pharmacy
  • well-equipped laboratory
  • well-equipped theatre
  • 15 bed nursing home
  • Labor room and
  • Specialty consultants.

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