Our Vision:
The SMSM apostolate of education continues the ministry of Jesus which is given to us by our Founder Msgr. John Kottaram who was a guiding force and bringing many challenges to the lives of the illiterate in the villages through Non – Formal education. We the sisters help the students to see the unseen through love and justice by spreading the Gospel of peace and brotherhood.
Our Mission:
Our mission is to help the young ones to grow into upright, creative and loyal citizens imbued with love and concern for others and nature, with spiritual, sensitive and a sense of personal freedom and to equip them to earn a living and to contribute to the economic and social progress of the family and above all to have all round development of the individual.

Taking forward our institutions today is a formidable task. The challenges we have to face are bigger. It is mix of successes, failures, hopes and frustrations, winning bouquets as well as facing brickbats. Let us learn to take the rough with the smooth. We try to follow the footsteps of our LORD JESUS CHRIST and lead a loving, compassionate and meaningful life.


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