The Refrain

O, thou the Founder of our SM SM

We came together to sing thy Holy Fame…!

Thou art the true disciple of Jesus…!

Thou the Apostle of North Madras …!   (O, Thou)

The Finales

Thou felt the summon of our Lord…!

Thou gave up everything and lived…!

To wipe out the poor people’s tears

Thou toiled in the head way of Jesus!

We came to pursue on thy road

To work for kingdom of our God…………..2

(Chorus) –2

Jesus is my Saviour

Jesus alone my Saviour

Christ King my Saviour

Jehova is my Saviour

Thou founded the Seva Missionary

And called us to serve ministry

With the help of the Queen of ship of Mary

Thou linked the Trinity with Glory

Founded the Society and ordered us

To live long by spreading Gospel bliss-------2

(Chorus)  --2

Ave Maria,

Ave Maria, Ave Maria, Ave Maria

Ave Maria

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